If the light stays on when you do so, then it is time for some maintenance.


Unlock control panel2. Step 2.

will have to switch it on again.

It's important to note that if the refrigerator thinks the doors are closed when in fact they are open, the fan may come on with the door open and dissipate all the cold air from inside the unit.

. Touch “START SET” and enter the desired temperature. Ice & Water Use the AutoFill Pitcher in the Beverage Centre on your Samsung refrigerator.

Connect the power cord to a suitable wall outlet to turn your Samsung refrigerator on and off.

The power-saving feature reduces the amount of power the appliance uses by stopping the fridge compartment from functioning. . Simply tape the button down to turn the lights off.

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Step 3.


If the Demo mode is not turned off after the above operation, press and hold Button 1 , Button 2, and Button 4 at the same time until you hear a chime. 05-25-2022 06:24 AM in.

Replace or check the water filter. Lock control panelRefridgerator model: RF22R73.

I checked the specifications for this model, and it does list a dispenser light as one of the features.
How To Unlock The Control Panel.

How To RESET the Filter Light on Samsung RefrigeratorThis is the refrigerator in the video: https://bestbuy.

Hi there! We appreciate you asking about this. Ensure the refrigerator has a dedicated circuit away from other appliances to enable it to run efficiently. .

One in the top marquee area. . . Reset Samsung refrigerator filter light after replacing filter. In order to turn off the red warning light after replacing a water filter, press and hold the ALARM/HOLD option for 3 seconds after it has been installed. .

The Primary Control Panel.

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Replacing the filter and running that water through the system should mean that your red light switches back to blue.


Lock control panelRefridgerator model: RF22R73.

05-25-2022 06:24 AM in.