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. Many different types of rain barrels are available.

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Step 1: Prep Barrels.

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40" T x 24". Turn the barrels upside down to drain and dry.


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Explore the links below to match your ideas to the parts to start your project. RTS Home Accents Polyethylene 50 USG Rain Barrel - Woodgrain with Black Stripes.

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EarthMinded Rain Barrel Kits.
If you’re planning on connecting your rain barrel to an irrigation system, you’ll pay more for labor.



This kit includes 1/4 turn high flow ball valve, threaded seal and 1-1/4 in. bushman slim line water tanks, bushman rain barrels, bushman round water tanks, overflow assembly, first flush key components kit, first flush connection kits, tri-port kits, pump kits, 50 gallon rain barrels. .

Note that online registration is required for the workshops. Prevent mosquito breeding by always having a screen secured on the top of the barrel and by adding either Mosquito Dunks or a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil to prevent the growth of larvae. Here, satellite images from the town of Bakhmut reveal the destruction of war. FreeGarden Rain Barrel features a sleek, flat back square design that will fit naturally in any location of your home. 95.

On the bottom of one barrel, trace an opening for the downspout flex-elbow.

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spade bit, all the parts needed to add a spigot to a rain barrel in minutes.

The DIY Rain Barrel Kit includes all the parts needed to convert any suitable water tight container into a rain barrel in minutes.


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